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ACF, an initiative by an NGO Good Cause, encourages and promotes the arts in the country. We are a forum that disseminates information on the latest happenings and news in the world of art and culture through our website.

We are also dedicated to conducting events in the space of public and performing arts. ACF aims to forge new creative strategies and cultural partnerships by curating events, conducting workshops, walks and talks with allied institutions and individuals. Through our special projects, we enhance the visibility and outreach of artistes by promoting and building their social media profiles.

Without confining ourselves to boundaries, we believe in exploring and finding newer ways of using art as an instrument to initiate meaning discourses. Our team is a small, but growing community of art aficionados, senior writers and former journalists who don’t fear to be experimental and think out-of-the-box.



  • Event listings
  • Review exhibitions & performance art
  • Promote artists and gallery spaces
  • Interview artists, experts, and emerging talent
  • Expert speak on whats new and happening in the industry
  • Promote your brand or creative pursuit through our social media – get in touch(underline)link to contact us page.


  • Curate events
  • Organise talks
  • Conduct workshops and exhibitions
  • Organise residencies & art tours

About Good Cause

At Good Cause, a not-for-profit organization, we have consciously chosen to work closely with emerging and hidden talent in the fields of art, culture, and craft. These include artists/artistes from smaller places who remain anonymous due to their lack of exposure and connect. At Good Cause, we nurture talent until they are confident of expanding their horizons. We organize group shows, assist participation in global arenas and provide access to promoters and gallerists, other than actively promoting them on digital media.

We also organize workshops where creative minds engage in a meaningful dialogue, exchange ideas and absorb different perspectives. We believe in creating a happy & creative space, where forms that face the threat of going extinct, find space to flourish. Our experience tells us that a small push goes a long way.Currently, Good Cause is a team of 12 people. More members get added to the team during festivals and special promotions.

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