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What ACF does?

 We are an online platform which features news from the world of visual and performing arts from across the world. Besides this, we also offer curatorial expertise, work as social media strategists for artists and also facilitate creating an event.

 How can ACF help emerging artists in improving their outreach?

 We will list your exhibition and artworks on our website, besides building your social media profile to help you reach out to a larger audience. We often ignore the importance of brand building in the visual and performing art world.  So you can leave this part to us.

 Who all can reach out to us?

 As the adage goes art knows no boundaries. We at ACF too welcome everyone whose creative juices are flowing. So, from visual artists to performing art and graphic artists, illustrators to photographers, we would love to hear from you.

 What all we curate?

 We not only curate exhibitions but also art evenings, baithaks, art walks, seminars and also take up public art project assignments like mural paintings. Apart from this, we also create art brochures and work on art books.

 What will ACF do to enhance my social media if it takes over?

 Our social media strategy entails brand building for our clients in a way it represents the thoughts and the journey of the client. More than just the numbers, ACF focuses on connecting the clients with the right audience and give direction towards brand building.

 If I wish to have an exhibition, how will ACF help?

 Apart from curating the exhibition, ACF will help you find a venue for planning the event, inviting the guests and promoting social media.  Contact our team for the package you want to take.