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Letter from the Editor

It is two years of ArtCultureFestival already. And, yet, it feels like it was only yesterday that a small group of people sat together with this sketchy idea of putting together a website that catered to the interests of those interested in reading up on arts – visual and performing. They lamented over the fact that space in Indian publications that wrote on arts was shrinking and there was so much more that a reader would want to know and have handy. Like, the lists of the artists, leading curators in the country, museums and galleries to visit, what to see and when in terms of events — this, of course, in addition to reviews and other trend stories in the world of arts.

We also wanted to involve the much younger generation that may not yet be clued into the art scene, but is developing nascent interest in performing arts via school and college societies. Our interactions with the millennial indicated that some of them are well read up on the art history and wanted to show off their interest someplace — most of them now having means and opportunity to travel and visit some of the finest art spaces in the world. And we knew we had to have space for them.

Excited as we were about digital presence, we soon found ourselves exploring more about social media as assisting channels. The more we researched, the more we found out about its phenomenal reach and footprints, that transcend space and boundaries. Facebook communities, groups, Instagram, Twitter, Videos, Vlogs, Podcasts, Blogs, Search Engine Optimisation – there really was an alternate world of extended reach out there waiting to explore!

Another aspect was to make arts accessible in real life — the world of touch and feel; of physcial interactions that must not be lost. This, as we perceived, could be in terms of organising small, interactive and curated events. The theme would be decided by reading the pulse of the moment and feedback gathered from the community we interacted with.

In time, as the ideas grew and our vision broadened, a lot was incorporated – experiments made, connections developed and reach widened. Today, when we look back, it makes us happy to see that we have covered a lot of ground. Our team today is a happy mix of journalists, art critics, historians, students and even artists themselves. We are constantly striving to make our platform interactive and not automotive in responses. We like to add elements as we discover them, but after adapting to our needs. Our endeavour is constantly to make news and from this world available at a click of a button.

But just so we do not lose that connect with you, we have decided to speak our heart out, share the trends and mood in this section that we are calling ‘Letter from the Editor’s desk’ once a month. The idea is to share our thoughts with you. And the action would be fruitful, if we can make it a dialogue. Do write back to us on your thoughts and perceptions. We would love to hear from you.

Signing off for now…

Navneet Mendiratta

Executive Editor