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Get to know about the world of theatre and happenings in this section, where we not only give you detailed information about several theatrical events, but would also welcome you all to share your listings and event details with us.

A dramatic reading of Agatha Christie’s new novel

On the occasion of Agatha Christie’s birth anniversary (15 September), Akshara Theatre and Harper Collins India gave Delhi’s theatre lovers ...
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Kathak Then And Now

This past week at Alliance Françoise Dr. Navina Jafa presented ‘Safarnama: A Journey In Kathak’ which comprised of a talk ...
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‘Theatre is an act of cultural production’

It was Jehan Manekshaw’s passion for theatre that led to the foundation of Drama School Mumbai — a fertile ground ...
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Ashad Ka Ek Din

Ashad Ka Ek Din: Contemporary Indian Theatre in Continuation

Mohan Rakesh’s Ashad Ka Ek Din is an actor’s paradise and a space for audience to think upon. Bapi Bose’s ...
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Stage is meant for exploration

Rashma N. Kalsie, an Indian writer/playwright, has been representing Indian theatre in Australia as the founder of the Indian Diaspora ...
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Sukhmanch Theatre took birth through a revolt – Shilpi Marwah

Delhi’s Theatre maverick Shilpi Marwah is known for her distinct and dauntless personality. In a tete a tete, she spills ...
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Suman Kumar

Cultural practices must enlighten people

In the world of theatre, Suman Kumar is a popular name. He is best known for creating realistic dramas in ...
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ventriloquist Ramdas

Myth is created to educate people about certain issues

Puppeteer and ventriloquist Ramdas Padhye has majestically continued forward the legacy of his father, Y K Padhye. It is reinforced ...
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Remembering Suzette Jordan through Park Street

As a reminder to every woman who confronts the gaze of random strangers in public places, to every student who ...
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Wari: Stories from the page of life

8th July| The stien auditorium, India Habitat Centre Wari salsa is celebration of an initiative which provided a platform for ...
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6th July| JLN Indoor Stadium After enthralling over 30000 people in Mumbai, Disney’s Aladdin is all set in delhi and ...
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Natya Ustaad: Where creativity flourishes

Theatre Workshop: 11am to 1pm | Saturdays and Sundays | A1 245 Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063 | Contact: 9015650284 When Arunansh ...
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Sukhmanch theatre performs Rajesh Kumar’s Gaaye

Sukhmanch extends the cow issue in its satirical take of Gaaye to the Delhi audience. With relevance in the remote ...
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‘META stands for theatre and its welfare’

Theatre director Jino Joseph is basking in the glory for the Kerala-based director’s play, Nona, has bagged four awards, including the ...
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META play explores ‘objectification’ of women

Going by the Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘item’ means a thing, an article, an object, a product or a commodity ...
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Over the years, the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) has given theatre lovers the best of drama, carefully handpicked ...
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Of nostalgia and celebration

Since their inception in November 2006, Jazba Theatre Group has been organising one of Delhi’s biggest collegiate theatre events. After ...
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META festival

12th edition of META festival celebrates 10 exceptional productions

Theatre is that powerful tool of social representation that does not hesitate to berate, rebuke or even laugh at the ...
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